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YouTube's rumored music service delayed until 2014

Rumors that a YouTube-powered streaming music service is on the way first popped up back in March. But now the service is apparently getting delayed, according to an AllThingsD report citing anonymous sources familiar with the company’s plans.

Pandora Chromecast

Pandora finally comes to Chromecast via Android & iPhone apps

The biggest setback to Google’s streaming media stick Chromecast is the sparse selection of available applications, which until now hasn’t included any third-party music services. (You could, however, access Google Play Music All Access as well as listen to playlists of music videos on YouTube.)

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Why we haven’t reached digital music’s golden era

Hypothetically, digital music fans should currently be living through a golden era. But short-sighted interests could be leading us into a dysfunctional new era of the music business instead.