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How Yahoo is botching native ads

Click-baity native ads helped Yahoo’s native ad revenue build quickly, but they may not serve the company long term.

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The FTC may bark at native ads, but it won’t bite

So far, native ads have been a good venture for both publications and advertisers. But the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) may try to crash the party and regulate the practice.


Forget scale, the key to native ads is quality

2014 is poised to be a big year for “native advertising” as it goes from an industry buzzword, commonly used and inconsistently defined, to a meaningful share of revenue for most publishers. Or at least that’s what I asked Santa for a few weeks ago.

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5 reasons why native advertising has a bright future

Simply put, if you want to really engage consumers, you’ve got to run a content-driven campaign and you’ve got to get that content to a large audience precisely when and where they want them the most.