Best game ads respond to players' real-time gaming experience

According to Diana LaGattuta, VP of Corporate Marketing for Native X, the best-performing gaming ads are less about ad format, or whether a character from the game is pulled into the ad frame, it’s about what’s happening for the player in real time.

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NativeX: ‘Games will be the new TV’ in 20 years

Michal Pilawski and Andrew Korf of NativeX sat down with us at our recent GamesBeat 2013 conference to talk about advertising within video games, and how it can work for game designers, advertisers — and even users.


Know your audience: 95% are freeloaders

It’s no big surprise that the biggest struggle for app developers in 2013 is monetization. The industry evolves year by year, but little has changed since the app stores launched. Apps have flirted with different monetization models (premium, paywall, and subscription) before finally settling on freemium.