The state of mobile payments: No more waiting on NFC

About a year ago, I contributed an article to VentureBeat titled “Why does NFC matter? Does tap beat swipe for mobile payments?” In that article, I expounded on the incredible opportunity to enhance the payments…


NFC could be a game changer for Nintendo’s Wii U

Nintendo is a funny old company. Just when you think it is out of ideas, it has a habit of springing innovation on the market that changes things forever. The Wii brought us motion gaming, and the 3DS saw the mass market arrival of glasses-free 3D tech. Now the Wii U may revolutionize digital sales on home consoles, using communication technology that can  link real world items with video games.

Getting NFC to the mass market isn’t a question of “if,” but “when” and “with whom”

Near field communication (NFC) — the technology that lets people pay for items in stores by swiping their mobile phone over a reader — was standardized almost eight years ago. So why is it that it’s still only being used experimentally in the U.S.? Quite simply, this technology has been the victim of the classic chicken and egg problem. People who buy an NFC-enabled device, such as Google’s Nexus S phone can “initiate”, but unless there’s a target that can “receive”, they’re just carrying cool technology with limited to no utility…

How GroupMe and SMS saved 14 lost souls at Coachella

There’s simple elegance in a text message: Maybe you send an emoticon or an “I love you,” but more often than not it’s just a quick update. It’s like a Tweet, except more ubiquitous. You can’t count on people reading Twitter. With text, you most always can.

Google teams up with MasterCard, Citigroup for NFC mobile payments

Making payments with your mobile phone is one of the great dreams of technophiles. Wave your phone in front of a reader and buy something just like that. To make that a reality, Google is teaming up with MasterCard and Citigroup to embed the technology in Android mobile phones, the Wall Street Journal reports.