4 celebrities (other than Curt Schilling) whose games failed

Former baseball pitcher Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios may have just recently collapsed, but he isn’t the first celebrity from another profession to have difficulty making video games. Here’s a list that includes two world-class directors, a Hall of Fame NBA star, and Vin Diesel.

Neil Young’s path to the multibillion-dollar mobile social game market (interview)

Neil Young sold his San Francisco startup Ngmoco to Japan’s DeNA for $403 million in the fall of 2010. And that was just the beginning of Young and DeNA’s quest to create a multibillion-dollar mobile entertainment group, he told VentureBeat last year. DeNA, with $1.4 billion in revenues in the last year, has already cleared many hurdles on that path. Ngmoco has integrated its NG Core technology with DeNA’s Mobage social mobile gaming network to create a new platform for smartphone entertainment.

Tributes to Steve Jobs from business executives start pouring in

Reactions to the resignation of Steve Jobs are coming in and they aren’t surprising, given Jobs’ influence on technology over the course of decades. Jobs has left a huge legacy on the world’s business landscape, and his resignation is stirring a lot of emotions among business executives who look up to him.

And our latest and greatest speakers at GamesBeat 2011

Today we’re revealing the fifth set of speakers for our third annual GamesBeat 2011 conference. Our slate of speakers will include Neil Young, founder and CEO of Ngmoco; Andrej Naborgoj, CEO of Outfit 7, the maker of Talking Friends; and Jason Citron, chief executive of OpenFeint, which was recently acquired by Gree.