The end of an era: Dell stops making netbooks

Netbooks, once the cheap portables spotted at coffee shops everywhere, have become so uncool that they are near extinction. Case in point: Dell is saying sayonara to its consumer netbook business.

Asus looks to Chrome OS/Android for $200 netbook

Computer manufacturer Asus is betting there’s still a pot of gold to be found in the netbook market, despite decline due to growing competition from tablet computing devices.

MacBook Air review: a laptop that blurs the line between work and play

The lines between work and play have blurred in the always-on, digital online age. Smartphones, netbooks, tablets, and other gadgets make it much easier to do work while you’re supposed to be on the run or taking it easy. And they also make it easier to goof off when you’re supposed to be working.

AT&T raising early termination fee to $325 for smartphones and netbooks

AT&T is about to make it more difficult for new iPhone users to break their contracts. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the carrier will be raising its early termination fee (ETF) for smartphones and 3G netbooks from $175 to $325 as of June 1. An AT&T spokesperson confirmed the news with VentureBeat, and the company has since issued a press release.

Steve Jobs is back — he’s leading Apple’s netbook efforts, says WSJ

While Steve Jobs may claim he is taking time off from the day-to-day business of running Apple, that certainly does not mean he isn’t guiding the company’s direction. Jobs is still actively involved with business decisions, reports the Wall Street Journal. This includes work towards a netbook device, despite the company’s best efforts to deny that it is interested in the market.

Android netbooks on their way, likely by 2010

[Update: Since posting this story, we’ve had a lot of inquiries from readers, with questions ranging from whether Android is ready for laptops and full-scale PCs, why Android can’t rely fully on Linux, and so on. See our follow-up Android FAQ post.]