SMAC stacks: What every IT department should know

Combining social, mobile, analytics, and cloud into a single, integrated stack of technology gives companies a powerful tool to drive understanding and action.

How Netflix, TiVo, Hulu, YouTube disrupt TV

Zen and the art of disrupting TV

Television is a tough business, and few innovators make it big. But these eight companies have defied the odds.

How home automation could save cable companies

Cable companies such as Comcast and Cox need to take a good look at their technology as streaming services Netflix and Hulu take away their profits. In order to avoid becoming obsolete, it makes sense for cable companies to recycle their infrastructure into home automation.

Netflix adds ‘Just For Kids’ UI update to its iPad app

Streaming video service Netflix has a vast selection of movies and television shows, the majority of which probably isn’t appropriate for younger children or requires supervision. For that reason, the company has created its own “Just For Kids” user interface, which Netflix is now making available on its iPad app today.


The Internet 2002-2012: What a difference a decade makes

A decade — 10 years. Doesn’t sound like much, right?
But a decade ago, the big social networking story was Friendster with a whopping 3 million users. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer had 95 percent market share. And less than 600 million people were online globally … fewer than Facebook users alone in 2012.


Le Tote launches the Netflix of fashion clothing

A new outfit, as often as you want it, with accessories, for only $49/month.
That’s what new fashion rental startup Le Tote is offering young urban women. And the founders are hoping that women’s rich history of sharing clothes will make the company as successful as some other rental successes.