New York Times

New York Times is back online after prolonged outage

The New York Times’ website and mobile apps experienced some down time earlier today, an outage that the paper is now attributing to an “internal issue.” Both the site and apps appear to be back online for most people at this time.

Why log data is the real story behind the Tesla/NY Times dust up

When you think of “Big data,” you rarely think of log data. It just doesn’t have much sex appeal: It’s what IT uses to monitor applications, compliance, and security. But we got a reminder this week that log data truly is valuable big data.


Facebook’s next big move: a paywall?

Facebook’s IPO filing yesterday comes after a highly  successful 2011 — $3.7 billion in revenue, $1 billion in profit according to recent reports. Yet, as the world eagerly awaits the opportunity to invest in the social networking giant, it’s worth asking, where does Facebook go after the FB ticker starts trading?

News.Me: Another cockamamie NYT subscription service?

Hey, you know how you don’t pay anything for checking out the news stories your friends share on Twitter? Well, the New York Times and Betaworks’ Bitly would like to change that with, a social news aggregator for the iPad that went live the App Store today.