Square card readers approved for pilot run in New York taxis

Last week, we heard that mobile payments powerhouse Square was talking to the Taxi and Limousine Commission of New York City about putting its card readers in cabs. Today, that same commission has approved Square and two other companies to put its tech in 30 cabs for a pilot program.

Ticket engine SeatGeek launches developer platform, offers 50/50 revenue split (exclusive)

As the world’s biggest ticket search engine, New York based SeatGeek has built the mother lode of data about live events, everything from sports to concerts. Today it’s announcing the launch of a SeatGeek developer platform that will allow anyone to tap into that information and, more importantly, collect affiliate fees for any ticket sales that happen through their website or app.

Why Square wants to replace TVs with tablets in New York City taxis

Almost all of New York City’s iconic yellow cabs now have a TV in the back seat playing a loop of local news and entertainment. But if innovator Jack Dorsey has his way, those taxi TVs could be replaced with tablet computers that use his company Square’s technology to accept credit card payments.

Unigo doubling traffic each month after relaunching as marketplace for virtual college guidance

In California, there is an average of one college counselor for every 1000 high school students in the public high school system. That means counselors can offer about ten minutes of their time per student each year. Unigo, which began with the goal of building the best online college guide, is moving into a new space, looking to solve the crunch in places like California with by offering virtual college counseling through streaming web video.

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Airbnb listers in New York average $21k a year

Airbnb, a marketplace for living spaces, has a New York footprint so large that there’s at least one Airbnb rental on every city block, co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky said at the Digital Life Design conference in Munich Monday.