Want to know what the top 1,000 AngelList investors are reading? Check out this Nuzzel news feed

Anyone who wants to keep informed on what the world’s top angel investors are reading might find a Twitter list can accomplish this task, as long as you’re constantly watching for new updates. But for anyone who doesn’t have that kind of time (which is most people with any degree of responsibility), you may want to check out this list of links shared by the top 1,000 AngelList investors via news aggregation startup Nuzzel.

elderly smartphone

Mobiles Republic gets $6M for news aggregation

This startup maintains a suite of news apps that aggregate content from trustworthy sources in journalism — the Associated Press, the Financial Times — as well as online outlets like the Huffington Post.

Arianna Huffington defends aggregation and free blogging

Online news and opinion site The Huffington Post has been the target of plenty of criticism since it launched in 2005, and the critics seem to have only gotten louder since AOL acquired the company earlier this year. But editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington was unapologetic today at the Ad:tech conference in San Francisco, where she defended her editorial practices.

Kevin Rose resigns from Digg

Kevin Rose has left Digg, the news aggregation site he founded in 2004, after a few months of uncertainty over his role in the company.

Reddit’s social news search goes from “sucked” to “works”

Social news site Reddit has graciously decided to share its end of year growth numbers in a company blog post. While the company may have grown from 250 million to more than 829 million pageviews, possibly the most interesting inclusion was that their search feature went from “sucked” to “works.”

Delicious dilemma: Who will buy Yahoo’s faded Web 2.0 star?

Social bookmarking site Delicious, once one of the shining examples of the Web 2.0 renaissance, will not be shutting down. But it will be looking for a new host after Yahoo, its owner since 2005, determined that it was not a strategic fit, according to a blog post by the company.

With layoffs and top execs gone, Digg needs to redesign its business, too

Social news aggregator Digg laid off more than a third of its staff Monday in the wake of a failed redesign, and its top sales and finance executives left — suggesting that more than just the website’s look and feel need fixing. In a post on the company blog, new CEO Matt Williams claimed the cuts, affecting 25 out of 67 employees, were needed in order to achieve profitability by mid-2011.

Reddit buzz wins the site Microsoft ad bucks

Reddit, the headline aggregator and discussion site run by the parent company of Wired magazine, features plenty of talked-about stories. But only recently has it seen news that bodes well for the site’s own business.