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Mobiles Republic gets $6M for news aggregation

This startup maintains a suite of news apps that aggregate content from trustworthy sources in journalism — the Associated Press, the Financial Times — as well as online outlets like the Huffington Post.

Tech readers swept up in web buzz around Osama bin Laden takedown

The story about Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden’s takedown has skyrocketed to the top of news aggregation sites like Condé Nast’s Reddit — showing that even tech geeks are rushing behind what might be one of the highest trafficked stories on the web of all time.

Kevin Rose resigns from Digg

Kevin Rose has left Digg, the news aggregation site he founded in 2004, after a few months of uncertainty over his role in the company.

Online news gatherer Topix aims for election-ad dollars

With its launch of Election 2010: Citizen Sound-Off today, online news aggregator Topix is now the only website to couple localized voter information with a platform for open participation. But can it channel this big election into even bigger ad dollars?

Social news-reader Summify raises funds to solve information overload

Have you ever opened your RSS reader and felt like you’re gazing into the abyss at the gazillion unread items? Have you felt the guilty satisfaction of using the “Mark all as read” option? If so, Summify, a startup based in Vancouver, Canada, might be the answer to your prayers.

News aggregator BuzzFeed nets $3.5 million in funding

BuzzFeed, a New York City-based news aggregator, announced  $3.5 million in Series A financing from Softbank and Hearst. Started by Huffington Post co-founder Jonah Peretti, the site launched in 2006 and is now receiving one million unique visitors a month.