Facebook introduces Pages-only view for News Feed

Facebook today launched a new section that allows members to view more updates from the Pages they follow. The release could be enough to proactively stop a dustup from erupting into something bigger.

FB newsfeed

Facebook does an about-face, brings back old news feed

Remember when Facebook used to let you sort your news feed (the list of updates from your circle of friends) by most recent stories? Those were the good ol’ days. But wait! Just when you thought the option was gone for good, it’s back and more prominent than ever.

Facebook testing new filters for News Feed

Over the weekend, Facebook began testing new filters that allow users to sort their News Feed (friends’ status updates, photos, links, and wall posts) in various new ways.

New Digg design gets more personal

Social news aggregator Digg unveiled the fourth version of its website today, designed to let users select where they receive their news and create a more personalized experience.