Google to tap LG for Nexus tablet?

Following in the footsteps of Google’s Nexus One and Nexus S flagship smartphones, it appears that the company may also be planning for a Nexus tablet device — and this time around, it may be tapping LG to be its manufacturing partner, CrunchGear reports.

Google’s Andy Rubin explains the Nexus One flop

Give Andy Rubin, the architect of Google’s Android mobile operating system, points for honesty in discussing the failure of the company’s experiment in selling mobile phones directly to consumers.

Samsung’s “Nexus Two” Google Android phone is real, sort of

Following a report from yesterday on the possibility of Samsung unveiling a “Nexus Two” Android phone soon, we now have more details that point to the device being real — though it may be a while before we actually see it.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 web browser stands up to iPhone and Android (video)

Microsoft certainly has a lot of catching up to do with Windows Phone 7 — its upcoming mobile platform. In particular, it’ll be interesting to see how its Internet Explorer 7 mobile browser will compare to Apple’s Mobile Safari and Android’s browser, both of which are based on the fast Webkit browser framework.

Nexus One update runs faster, serves Wi-Fi

Owners of Google Nexus One phones have begun receiving updates to version 2.2 of the Android operating system, Google’s open source platform that is also used by Motorola and HTC. As shown in a Google marketing video meant for Android app developers, Android 2.2. has a faster browser and faster game play speeds.

Android inventor Andy Rubin: Nexus One store “didn’t pan out”

Google’s Andy Rubin, one of the Android operating system’s inventors, talked about the pluses and minuses of Google’s experiment with the Nexus One phone on-stage today. The Nexus One was a success in a number of ways, but Rubin acknowledged that initiative to sell phones directly to consumers via the Web “didn’t pan out.”

Google closing Nexus One online store, focusing on retail locations

When Google launched the Nexus One, it aimed to sell the phone primarily via its online store (, and eschewed traditional retail channels. Unfortunately, that led to lower than expected sales, and now the company is having second thoughts. Android engineer and evangelist Andy Rubin announced in a blog post today that Google will shift its Nexus One strategy to focus on retail stores and will eventually close the online store.

AdMob report: Nexus One is barely there

Here in downtown San Francisco, you’d think Google’s Nexus One was duking it out with the iPhone for top slot in the mobile world. It’s a really great gadget.

Google hints at no Nexus One for Verizon

Verizon users been waiting patiently for Google’s Nexus One smartphone since it announced the device in January. At the time, it said the phone would be headed to Verizon stores sometime in spring. But now it looks like Verizon may be the only provider not to get the device, according to a recent blog post by Google (via GearLog).

Google to offer stripped-down Nexus One phone in India?

Google may be preparing to launch a stripped-down, low-cost version of its Nexus One smartphone in India, and possibly other developing markets, according to speculation on multiple Indian technology sites. The rumors appear to have originated in a tweet from a TV show producer. But irrespective of how it got started, it sure highlights the importance that Google is placing on the developing markets.

Multitouch comes to Google’s Nexus One phone

Google just gave Nexus One users a big present. The company just rolled out a software update enabling multitouch, fixing a glaring weak spot for the phone since its launch last month.

Crunchies: Google Voice is coming to the iPhone “one way or the other”

Google’s vice president of engineering Vic Gundotra said the Google Voice application, which is still in limbo after Apple declined to give it the greenlight for the app store, will come to the iPhone “one way or the other.” He made the statement while on-stage at the Crunchies award ceremony today.