Nexus 9 tablet

Nexus 9 tablet shows Google is thinking bigger — but not big enough (review)

Few parts of the Android ecosystem have improved more and gotten less credit for it than tablets. The gap between 2010’s crude Samsung Galaxy Tab and polished products like last year’s Nexus 7 is immense. But because Apple set such a high mark early on with the iPad, merely catching up to the iPad’s user experience and surpassing it in some aspects doesn’t count for much.

Apple, Samsung shed charges to prepare for U.S. trial

In preparation for a July 30 patent-infringement showdown in a U.S. courtroom, Apple and Samsung are shedding legal charges against one another like a bride-to-be drops pounds ahead of a wedding. U.S. District Court Lucy Koh is calling on both companies to narrow their cases from the huge amount of claims available.

Nexus One speeds up on AT&T’s 3G network

Until now, people using Google’s Nexus One smartphone with AT&T service have only been able to access the carrier’s slower 2G or EDGE networks. But today, Google announced a new version of the phone that is compatible with AT&T’s 3G network, boosting speeds to stem consumer complaints.

What could Google to do placate Motorola? Perhaps a Nexus Two.

One thing that Google made clear today is that the HTC-built Nexus One is the first in a line of so-called ‘Superphones.’ And HTC doesn’t have the exclusive right to manufacture them, Google’s VP of Product Management Mario Queiroz said today.