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This year’s coolest technology at E3

With the video game industry’s largest trade show over, it’s time to wrap up some of the highlights. Here’s a look at some of the coolest new types of gaming technology VentureBeat saw at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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Hands-on report: Sony’s NGP is a big bet on top-quality portable games

Sony is betting big that hardcore game fans aren’t going to be happy with the free games they can get on tablets or smartphones. That’s why the Japanese company is preparing to launch the NGP, the next-generation portable game system that it will show off fully at the E3 trade show next week.

A perfectionist indie makes Sound Shapes for Sony’s NGP portable (video)

Jonathan Mak is pretty serious about making perfect games. Back in 2007, as a solo game designer, Mak created an award-winning game called Everyday Shooter, a music shooting game that won some critical acclaim and was sold as a downloadable title on the PlayStation 3 and the PC.

Nintendo 3DS review: Is it worth $249 and $40 per game?

Nintendo has done its best to launch a new era in video games with the launch of its 3DS portable gaming system, which goes on sale for $249 on Sunday. The appeal of this device, which can display games in stereoscopic 3D without glasses, is growing on me. But I’m not sure it’s the greatest thing since the iPhone.