Top gaming technologies of 2012

This year saw the continued evolution of three consumer technologies — autostereoscopy, touch sensing, and motion sense – with direct application in the gaming world.

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This year’s coolest technology at E3

With the video game industry’s largest trade show over, it’s time to wrap up some of the highlights. Here’s a look at some of the coolest new types of gaming technology VentureBeat saw at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Nintendo: the gaming landscape has changed forever, but console’s are doing just fine

Five years ago, video games were in a “golden age.” The Playstation 2 was dominating sales and found its way into most households, and gamers still plugged controllers into their systems to play their games. Then people began texting on their phones — and the world changed forever, said Nintendo of America’s president Reggie Fils-Aime.

How Apple could undermine console gaming with TV app games

Apple’s Steve Jobs is an expert at disrupting other companies’ businesses. Just look at what the iPhone did to Nokia and Motorola, two leaders of the cell phone business who are now trying to chase Apple.

Qualtré raises $8M to get your gadgets moving

Get ready to move: Qualtré announced Wednesday that it raised $8 million in a second round of funding. The money will kickstart its business of selling chip-based gyroscopes that can serve as motion sensors for game consoles and consumer electronics gadgets.