Your customer is the center of the design universe

Truly iconic and lasting design is made up of both physical and emotional design elements – not just the tangible object and all of its standard characteristics like shape, size and feel, but the “je ne sais quoi” that demands your attention…

Nokia Lumia 900 Batman phone

Nokia to sell Batman-branded Lumia 900 smartphones

In terms of blockbuster movies, this summer is more or less devoted to Super-Heroes. It kicked off with The Avengers, and will be followed by the next Amazing Spider-Man film and the long-awaited sequel from Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight Rises.

Nokia’s head of sales steps down after it reports $1.7B first quarter loss

The tough times continue for Finnish phone giant Nokia, which has struggled to keep up with Apple and Android in the smartphone era. Today the company announced its results for the first quarter of 2012. Net sales fell sharply year over year from $13.6 billion to $9.7 billion. The company took a $1.7 billion loss on those sales, and Colin Giles, the head of sales, stepped down after 20 years at the company.

Microsoft still paying developers big bucks to build apps for Windows phones

The appeal of smartphones to a lost of consumers is the wide variety of apps they can download. But developers won’t build apps for a platform until there is a proven consumer demand. It’s a chicken and egg problem, and to solve it, Microsoft is paying through the nose to have developers make top apps for Windows phones.

10 disruptive individuals who are reshaping the mobile industry

The mobile industry is at an exciting stage: There are enough smartphone customers that there’s a huge field of opportunity for device makers, carriers, and app makers, but the market is still fragmented enough that no one company dominates. In this kind of frothy market, the risks are high, but the potential payoffs are huge, too.