How the enterprise is adopting tablets (infographic)

It’s no secret enterprises have begun to adopt tablets with the same fervor of consumers. Since the debut of Apple’s iPad in Jan. 2010, the integration of tablet devices into our lives and work has progressed rapidly — so fast that it’s sometimes hard to put in perspective how quickly got here.

Nook Color

Nearly 75 percent of Nook Color owners are women

Thanks to its prominent position as a combination e-reader and tablet device that has books, full-color magazines and casual games, the Nook Color’s ownership is now almost 75 percent women, according to a Barnes & Noble executive.

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Amazon set to launch tablets in August or September?

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has practically confirmed that the company is working on tablets. The only question is when we’ll finally see them. Now it seems Amazon may be gearing up to launch the tablets in August or September, according to the Taiwanese news site Digitimes.

Barnes & Noble’s new $139 Nook is simple, touch-friendly

Just a month after releasing a major update to the Nook Color, Barnes & Noble announced today a smaller, more simplified version of the original black-and-white Nook. At $139, the device will compete better with the Amazon Kindle, which retails for the same price with its Wi-Fi only version, and the just-released $129 touch-enabled Kobo e-reader.

Nook Color gets Android tablet update with apps, Flash and more

Nook Color owners are in for a treat today, as Barnes & Noble has finally rolled out its long-awaited update that will transform the e-reader into an Android tablet with apps, Flash and a slew of other new features.

Forrester: iPad 2’s biggest challenger is an Amazon tablet

Market research firm Forrester isn’t putting too much stock in the hype surrounding upcoming Android 3.0 tablets. Instead, the company believes that Amazon is best suited to take on the iPad when it decides to enter the tablet arena.

Amazon turns on Kindle ebook lending

As promised back in October, Amazon has just introduced the ability to lend Kindle ebooks, opening up a world of opportunity for Kindle users.

Nook Color to become a real Android tablet with January update? (Updated)

Update: Barnes and Noble reps are now saying that it has no plans to offer full access to the Android Market on the Nook color. That doesn’t mean the device won’t be getting a major Android update, but its future as a full-fledged Android tablet is likely farther off. Original post below.

Tablet or e-book reader? Barnes and Noble announces the Nook Color

Only a few days after we declared certain doom for the Nook e-book reader, Barnes and Noble announced a color entry with the Nook Color — a device that sits somewhere between an e-reader and a tablet, but thankfully sticks closer to ereader pricing at $250.