Who says entrepreneurs can't scale up?

How to smash the myth that ‘founders can’t scale’

There is a belief in the business world that founders can’t scale. But one terrifically successful founder, Gail Goodman of Constant Contact, has some advice on how to prove that belief wrong.

Awareness launches “best practice” templates for social marketing

“Social media marketing” is one of those catchphrases that sets off every right-thinking person’s jargon alarm, but the concept of engaging customers directly and interactively is becoming increasingly important to brand survival. Dave Carter, founder and chief technology officer of a marketing company called Awareness, says the strategy may even benefit from the economic downturn, since it’s faster, cheaper and more engaging than a traditional ad campaign. Now, Awareness wants to make social media campaigns more flexible and faster to deploy with templates called “Best Practice Communities.”

Bigfoot Networks raises $8.75 million for gaming hardware business

Bigfoot Networks has raised $8.75 million in a second round of funding to expand its business of making networking cards for gamer computers. Investors include Palomar Ventures, North Bridge Venture Partners and Venio Capital Partners (a previous investor), according to peHub.