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Why the big data systems of tomorrow will mirror the human brain of today

Tomorrow, our smartest systems will instantly and masterfully oversee, optimize, manage and adapt processes that are as critical as they are complex, across a broad spectrum of industries, having taken their cues from the most ready example of a natural supercomputer we have: the human brain.


Google App Engine: Lock in, what lock in?

On occasion I encounter the argument that Google App Engine is a proprietary platform, which implies lock-in, which many developers consider a Bad Thing. I’d like to address that complaint.

Red Hat and 10Gen partner to power development of open source data platforms

Two of the biggest names in the open source world announced a partnership yesterday. Red Hat, the North Carolina based provider of open source software for the enterprise and 10Gen, the New York based company behind the increasingly popular NoSQL database MongoDB, are partnering to help developers deliver on the promise of big data and the cloud.