Toshiba buys smart meter maker Landis+Gyr for $2.3B

Toshiba, a Japanese mega-conglomerate that produces products ranging from power infrastructure tools to consumer electronics, announced today that it is purchasing electricity monitoring device manufacturer Landis+Gyr for $2.3 billion.

Alabama nuclear plant outlasts natural disaster

An Alabama-based nuclear power plant with similar specifications to the Fukushima Daiichi plant that was ravaged by an earthquake in Japan outlasted catastrophic weather in the southeast and has shut down without incident.

Japan’s wrecked nuclear plant remade in game Fallout 3

Someone has recreated the ruins of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Fallout 3, an adventure game that features the player trekking through the ruins of Washington D.C. after a world war resulted in a nuclear holocaust.

Nuclear crisis doesn’t panic cleantech investors

An escalating crisis at nuclear power plants in Japan following a massive earthquake and tsunami has not changed the investing thesis about clean technology, according to a number of leading venture capitalists and researchers.

Solar power shines amid Japan’s nuclear woes

Call solar power the second best thing in clean energy. Solar power stocks have soared since concerns about a nuclear meltdown in one of Japan’s nuclear power plants have sent investors running to alternative clean energy companies.