Demo: A revolution in home utilities, NeighborOil promises lower prices through group buying power

Oil means more than just gasoline. For many folks, it’s also how they heat their homes.
NeighborOil is a startup that’s reexamining how communities buy oil for heating and helping consumers negotiate for better prices and better service. And starting today, it’s bringing its revolutionary model to a wide range of residential utilities, including electricity and natural gas.

KiOR looks to $100M IPO to convert woodchips to biofuel

Biofuel company KiOR is going public and wants to raise $100 million for a new plant that converts wood chips to petroleum, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Algae biofuels for less than $40 a barrel?

That green stuff in your koi pond could power the world for less than $40 a gallon, if Australian biofuels company Algae.Tec has its way.

Did Solazyme just drop the “fuel” in biofuel?

Biofuels producer Solazyme inked a massive deal with Dow Chemical today to ship up to 60 million gallons of its algae-based oil as an insulating chemical for electric transformers in 2015.