Raspberry_Pi 12_2011

Bare bones $25 ‘Raspberry’ computer available in January

You might want to hold back on that $600 Mac Mini purchase for just a little bit longer. The Raspberry Pi, the little $25 computer that can run Quake 3 Arena and play HD videos, is scheduled to go into volume production in January. If you want to splurge, you can also pay a $10 premium for the fancy Model B that comes with an ethernet port and 256 – instead of 128 – MByte RAM.

This computer (yes, computer!) costs $25

Game developer David Braben has created a computer that’s about the size of a flash drive — and it’ll most likely cost less than your last date.

Marvell to kickstart education tablets with One Laptop Per Child

One Laptop per Child and Marvell have joined forces to create a tablet computer that delivers a a better educational experience for schoolchildren in developing countries. This partnership may go a long way toward the nonprofit’s group of getting $100 computers in the hands of every child.