Soon, all online advertising will be video

Video advertising will double approximately every two years until all online ads will be video ads. That’s right — all online ads will be video.

Online advertising explodes to $31B, but publishers getting squeezed?

Advertisers are likely to spend $31.3 billion buying online ads this year, 20 percent more than last year. That’s according to the encouraging forecast from market researcher eMarketer — and it’s almost twice the 10.5 percent growth in 2011 that eMarketer predicted in December.

Mpire becomes Adxpose and lands $3M for verifying online ads

Mpire, a company that helps to verify, optimize and measure online display advertising, today announced a third round of funding for $3 million to support the company’s growth. The company also decided to change its official name to its main product, Adxpose.

Forecast: Online ad spending to nearly double by 2014

Spending on online advertising will grow by double-digit percentages over the next four years, ending at close to double its current value by 2014, according to a new forecast by marketing research firm eMarketer.

Why an online-ad guru thinks TV ads are too cheap

Those bullish on online advertising eye the television-advertising market, which is worth $70 billion just in the U.S., and bet that Web ads can steal a big chunk of that, as they’ve done with print advertising. That’s why Google is pushing YouTube, Google TV, and video advertising, for starters.

Co-founder says Twitter is still exploring business models

In the past few months, Twitter appears to have finally found a business model, and that model is advertising — chief executive Dick Costolo said in September that the company had “cracked the code” on ads. But Twitter co-founder Ev Williams said today that the company isn’t settling on ads.

Hulu CEO: We’ll make $240M in 2010

Hulu chief executive Jason Kilar shared some numbers today to show where the online TV service stood at the end of October.