Yahoo revenue down 13 percent in Q4, CEO says better execution needed

Yahoo’s revenue dropped 13 percent compared to the same period last year, the company reported today. In its quarterly earnings’ announcement Tuesday, Yahoo reported $1,324 million in GAAP revenue for the fourth quarter of 2011, while costs increased by 10 percent. Excluding traffic acquisition costs from Yahoo’s partnership with Microsoft and others, the company brought in $1,169 million — down just three percent compared to last year.

The advertiser's holy grail: context, not just audience

Not so long ago, if you wanted to find the right audience online, the people most likely to respond to a brand message or take a desired action (whether that action was get a click or getting a consumer to think differently about a new Cadillac), advertisers really only had one option. They needed to buy a specific placement on a specific site where those types of consumers tended to congregate. Thus, specific sites or sections of sites (Yahoo or Yahoo news) were a proxy for the right audience. In other words, to reach the right audience you had to buy the right content.

Why an online-ad guru thinks TV ads are too cheap

Those bullish on online advertising eye the television-advertising market, which is worth $70 billion just in the U.S., and bet that Web ads can steal a big chunk of that, as they’ve done with print advertising. That’s why Google is pushing YouTube, Google TV, and video advertising, for starters.

Hulu CEO lukewarm on ad-free version

Hulu chief executive Jason Kilar has said in the past that the online video site is considering a premium service that’s completely ad-free, but today at the NewTeeVee Live conference in San Francisco, he didn’t seem particularly enthusiastic about the idea.

The Internet advertising pie is still growing

A new report sponsored by the Internet Advertising Bureau paints a hopeful picture of the online ad landscape during the first six months of 2010. Ads earned a record $12.1 billion during that period, a new record and an 11.3 percent increase above revenues in the first six months of 2009.