Adobe forecasts record holiday sales: $1.1B Thanksgiving, $1.6B Black Friday, $2.3B Cyber Monday

The shortest Thanksgiving-Christmas shopping season since 2002 is almost upon us, but it promises to deliver record earnings. Based on an exhaustive analysis of 450 billion retail website visits over the past seven years, and direct insight into 72 percent of all the cash flowing into the 500 largest retail websites in the U.S., Adobe is forecasting the biggest Thanksgiving, the biggest Black Friday, and the biggest Cyber Monday in history.

Amazon makes a play for toys with

Quidsi is one of the world’s fastest growing e-commerce companies, thanks to its experience and taking an extremely user-friendly approach to selling products online. Its and sites were so good that Amazon bought the company in November for $540 million. Since then, Quidsi has successfully launched for pet supplies.