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comScore: Ecommerce spending on Thanksgiving tops $1B for the first time, passes $1.5B on Black Friday

Reports have been coming in all weekend about how Thanksgiving and Black Friday online sales are up this year, in double-digit percentages yet again, but now the first raw number estimates are finally here. comScore has announced that Thanksgiving Day this year passed the $1 billion mark for the first time, and Black Friday managed to surpass the $1.5 billion figure.

How retailers can fight the Amazon Goliath

How are Amazon’s sales growing so dramatically — 30 to 40 percent quarterly for the last umpteen quarters — when even the big retailers are struggling to grow 1 to 2 percent? In record time, Amazon has taken on the Goliaths of retail yesteryear with their massive resources, nationwide store footprints and well-known brands, and turned them into isolated Davids.

Biggest shopping boom since before the recession continues

There is no such thing as an online Grinch. The biggest holiday spending boom since before the recession continued on Monday, which was known as Green Monday. Physical store retail sales are up as well as e-commerce shopping by consumers.

Online success pushes Gemvara to cut out jewelry stores

Gemvara, the online tool for customizing and buying jewelry, today decided to abandon its original go-to-market scheme of working with jewelry stores by cutting them out completely. The company previously allowed buyers to customize their jewelry in stores through web-connected displays.