Anonymous fights with itself over planned Facebook attack

New details have emerged on the purported plot by hacker collective Anonymous to “kill” Facebook on Nov. 5. In recent Twitter posts, it appears the group has confirmed that some of its members are working on the plan, nicknamed #OpFacebook, but that other members do not support the initiative.


Anonymous plans to continue where LulzSec left off

Even though hacker group LulzSec supposedly disbanded on Saturday, its members may simply be joining the Anonymous hacking collective to give it more protection. According to tweets from Anonymous, LulzSec members haven’t gone on hiatus but did drop the LulzSec name.

Dropbox left open

Dropbox bug drops passwords, underscoring the cloud's risks

Cloud storage service Dropbox disclosed Monday that all of its users’ files were publicly accessible for nearly four hours on Sunday due a bug in the company’s authentication mechanism. From 1:54 p.m. to 5:41 p.m., anyone could access a Dropbox account without using the correct password.


Popular Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox hacked, prices drop to pennies

The most popular exchange of Bitcoin online currency, Mt. Gox, on Sunday admitted it had been hacked. It made the announcement after the price of Bitcoins dropped from $17 to nearly zero in a matter of minutes. The sell off happened after a Mt. Gox account with a large amount of Bitcoins was hacked, and the hacker sold all Bitcoins in that account.

Spanish police arrest three members of hacker group Anonymous

Spanish police on Friday said they have arrested three suspected members of the high-profile hacker group Anonymous. The group has been connected to cyber attacks against governments and corporations around the world, including the recent high-profile shut down of Sony’s PlayStation Network for nearly a month.

FBI planning to increase focus on cyber threats

FBI director Robert Mueller told Congress today that the bureau intends to ramp up its focus on battling cyber attacks and threats during the next two years, according to Bloomberg.

Google launches Chrome 12, pays out $10K to bug finders

Google on Tuesday launched a stable release of its Chrome 12 browser, including a tool to prevent downloading suspicious files. The company additionally noted that it had paid nearly $10,000 to people who found bugs and exploits in Chrome 12’s code.

Predilect lands $750k for stronger security questions

Predilect, a company working to strengthen online security, today announced it has secured a first round of funding for $750,000 from serial entrepreneur and investor Jon Fisher as well as several other angels.