China’s $265 billion e-commerce world (infographic)

Alibaba predicts that 2013 will be the year that Chinese e-commerce surpasses U.S e-commerce, with $265 billion in sales compared to a projected $230 billion for America, and that total Chinese online sales will reach $445 billion in 2015. uses big data to idiot-proof online shopping introduced a new feature today that will provide consumers with a ‘Decide Score’ to help them make shopping decisions. The score is based on a comprehensive analysis of ratings and reviews from across the web, intended as an objective, data-driven barometer for product quality.


Can you negotiate prices online? Well, maybe, with Netotiate

The old cynic’s line about air travel is that never, in the history of flight, have two people on the same airplane paid the same price for a ticket. Online, that’s getting more and more true as well, as companies such as Amazon and Orbitz experiment with variable pricing for different clients.


eCommerce: 16,000 interviews in 16 countries show developing nations are more digital than us

Secure in our digital enclaves with high-speed WIFI powering smart TVs, smartphones, smart appliances, and even smart toilets, we tend to think we’re pretty technologically sophisticated in the Western world. Which just goes to show how easily we are being leapfrogged by “developing” nations that have gone mobile and digital faster, in some ways, than the U.S.

Fashion startup The Cools lets you play editor

Fashion startup The Cools publicly launched today and announced $2.5 million in funding led by media mogul and MTV founder Bob Pittman. Described as a mashup of a social network, blog, and e-commerce, the site is a curated marketplace that allows users to buy, sell, and share whatever defines cool for them.