Kayak answers the age old question, when are holiday airfares cheapest?

Travel search site Kayak.com processed a whopping 443 million searches in the first half of 2011. There is an information gold mine buried in those hotel and flight queries, as well as answers to some of our most pressing travel questions: Is it too late to get an affordable plane ticket for the holidays? Are you paying more than average for airfare? What days of the week are cheapest to fly?

Adioso opens travel search for the adventurous

There are a heap of travel sites on the Web, but most look to serve to the fixed-date traveller: those with a date and destination in mind. Adioso, funded by the prominent Y Combinator startup incubator, launched a third version of its product Wednesday as a way for open-ended, adventurous travelers to seek out their next destination before they pack their backpacks, dawn their cap and shades, and head out for their next escapade.