Rejoice: Stewart, Colbert back on Hulu

When I saw the headline last night that The Daily Show and The Colbert Report had returned to Hulu, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I was trying to watch The Daily Show at Comedy Central’s site and had just refreshed the page again after the video had failed some five times. The people at Comedy Central have proved themselves utterly, hopelessly incompetent at running a video site, where Hulu knows what it’s doing.

Analysts: YouTube will finally reach the promised land of profitability

YouTube remains one of the big question marks in Google’s finances. Every time the Google-owned video supersite comes up, executives make vague statements about how it’s not profitable yet, but could be soon. But it looks like that could change in 2010. Analysts predict YouTube will earn $450 million and finally turn a profit this year, according to The New York Times.

Cisco buys ExtendMedia for multi-screen video mayhem

Cisco Systems will expand its professional video services with the acquisition of video content-management provider ExtendMedia on Thursday. The move readies the Internet-infastructure giant for the day when online video streams come to a number of screens — and providers of those streams gird for battle, hopefully with Cisco equipment and services.

Google's Episodic buy could make YouTube ready for its closeup

Finally, April Fool’s Day is over and we can get back to real news. While Google may have pulled a few pranks yesterday, today it’s all business. Episodic, an online-video hosting company based in San Francisco, today announced that is has been aquired by Google, according to the company’s blog. No financial information was disclosed.