local business

Facebook now has 1M active advertisers

Facebook announced today that the company now has one million active advertisers — companies or organizations that have advertised on the social network at least once in the last 28 days.


OpenTable’s hidden stash of restaurant reviews

Restaurant reservations service OpenTable announced today that it has collected more than 15 million reviews since it started a little less than four years ago.

Groupon reaches to the skies to deliver even less-qualified customers

With its stock continually reaching new lows, Groupon is going to greater heights to find customers. The daily-deals site is now advertising deals to customers via Gogo’s in-flight wireless service. (Disclosure: I have puts and several wagers relating to Groupon.)

The future of local is real time and mobile

Since the mid-1990s, entrepreneurs have been trying to tackle the local market. Many have failed. Others, like Yelp and Groupon, have been successful selling services to small businesses, but those services are of dubious value. (Disclosure: I have puts against Yelp and Groupon.)


12 companies getting local right for small businesses

I’ve spent much of the last year talking about how the sites small businesses rely on to advertise and promote themselves — think Yelp and Groupon — are failing them. In fact, helping small businesses at the local level is extremely challenging for technology companies, for the following reasons: