Did Opera put the squeeze on Apple to get its browser on the iPhone?

Opera Software’s publicity stunts have paid off in many ways. The browser maker used a series of stunts to pressure Apple into accepting its Opera Mini iPhone app, and now Opera’s underdog struggle has led to massive support for the app as well. It announced today that Opera Mini for iPhone has been downloaded over 1 million times since its release on April 12. In addition, the app is also at the top of all twenty-two iTunes App Stores worldwide.

Opera demands Steve Jobs’ attention with airport publicity stunt

Opera Software has never been one to shy away from publicity. And now that the company has to somehow convince Apple to approve its new Opera Mini iPhone application, we’ll likely see many more stunts like this one: Opera hired these two ladies to greet attendees after they arrived at the airport for the Mobile World Congress.

Opera Mini for iPhone to be unveiled next week, but don’t get your hopes up

This is either a bold stand for developer rights, or a bald-faced publicity stunt by Opera Software. The Norwegian browser developer has announced that they will be showing off an iPhone version of their popular Opera Mini mobile web browser at the 2010 Mobile World Congress next week.