Using cloud services? 40% of you aren’t ready for the next outage

Last week a fairly minor Amazon cloud outage knocked popular Q&A site Quora and part of offline. Service quality at web giants Pinterest and Dropbox was affected. It was a fairly minor incident compared to last year’s multi-day meltdown that took out Foursquare, Reddit, Scvngr, and others. But it was a good wake-up call: What are you doing to prepare your services for the next cloud failure?


European Playstation Network store broken following maintenance (updated)

Following scheduled maintenance last week, the Playstation Network store in Europe, Australia and New Zealand is no longer working for many users. The problem, reported widely across the European Playstation forums, is that no content can be downloaded from the store, and download lists of previously purchased content are inaccessible.

Sony blames hacktivist group Anonymous for Playstation Network intrusion

File this one under “things not to do when dealing with massive network outages.” Sony has kicked the hornet’s nest today by blaming Anonymous, a massive network of hackers that regularly takes up activist causes, for indirectly causing a breach of security in its PlayStation Network (PSN) online gaming network that led to the attack that brought PSN down.

Verizon says its working to fix massive 4G LTE outage

Verizon Wireless subscribers on the carrier’s super fast LTE 4G network are now paying the price for being early adopters, as many users have been reporting sporadic 4G outages across the country.

Amazon says some data unrecoverable after restoring cloud service

Amazon said that about 0.07 percent of the data storage in its restored eastern cloud service isn’t fully recoverable. The company’s cloud-based web services suffered an outage that lasted for three-and-a-half days last week and service was restored for the most part on Monday.

Did Sony shut down PSN to prevent “extreme” piracy?

Sony shut down its Playstation Network after a new custom firmware version for the console let users download games and content with a fake credit card number, according to a moderator from Playstation fan-site PSX-Scene.

Facebook explains ‘worst outage’ in four years

Facebook posted a note yesterday evening explaining the site’s downtime earlier that day — a 2.5 hour period that the company described as “the worst outage in over four years.”