5 outsourcing mistakes that will kill your startup

Several months ago I was on the phone with the CEO of an SEO agency in Utah who was looking for white label SEO link building services for her clients. She wanted to know how my agency was sourcing the work; when I told her that the manual labor was largely performed overseas in the Philippines, she scoffed. “How can you offshore jobs when the American economy is so awful right now? There’s no way I would ever consider doing that.”

When to outsource IT and when to keep things in-house

For most IT executives, the question of outsourcing is not if projects will be outsourced, but which projects will be outsourced. Budget limitations prevent hiring the staff required for every project, particularly when employees are only needed on a temporary basis.

TaskRabbit gets fruitful, mulitplies with new open API

Local-labor locating service TaskRabbit is opening up its tools and network to developers with a new API (application programming interface), the company announced on its blog Friday. This will allow third-party developers to integrate TaskRabbit features directly into their own apps and web sites.

Franklin & Seidelmann draws on $25M for “teleradiology”

Franklin & Seidelmann Subspecialty Radiology, a Cleveland startup focused on remote analysis of X-ray and other medical images, raised $25 million from Oak Investment Partners, a Westport, Conn., venture-capital firm.