Instagram is Apple’s No. 1 app of 2011 in a year heavy on fun and sharing

If you made plans for your weekend, you might want to kiss them goodbye.  Apple yesterday released its iTunes Rewind 2011 list, with the 40 top  iPhone and iPad apps of the year. The iTunes store now has more than 500,000 apps in it, but  this year’s top apps list shows that fun is the dominant theme. Games and social networking tools dominated, and photo sharing tool Instagram was chosen as the No. 1  app of the year.

Facebook provides recommendations with new Page Browser tool

This morning, Facebook officially launched Page Browser, a new tool that seeks to help its users discover and “like” new pages on the site using data from one’s previous likes, and that of users in their immediate social network.

Yes, you can work on the iPad — but why would you?

One of the recurring themes in articles I’ve read and conversations I’ve had about the iPad is that Apple’s new tablet is a device for consumption of media, not its creation. I don’t think that’s entirely fair, but I have to admit my early experiences support that idea.