How to write a winning Y Combinator application

Scrappy entrepreneurs are always looking for an edge in the application process. However, there are no shortcuts or hacks. The YC partners are too smart for that.


Startups: how to avoid death by enthusiasm

This is heartbreaking: An entrepreneur puts mind, time, and energy into founding and running a new venture, and then recklessly sabotages the startup’s chances to succeed.

email is still relevant

Why email won’t be replaced anytime soon

Email overload has become a hot topic lately. An average person now gets over 100 emails per day, and an average corporate employee over 200. Companies are looking for ways to replace email or just turn it off.


FCC chairman Julius Genachowski calls for SOPA compromise

The Stop Online Privacy Act and the Protect Intellectual Property Act may be on hiatus, but what’s really at stake are two equally critical values that don’t necessarily have to be in opposition of each other, Federal Communications Commission chairman Julius Genachowski stated in a fireside chat at the Digital Life Design conference in Munich today.