As Microsoft steps back from CES, Qualcomm steps up

Last year, Steve Ballmer delivered Microsoft’s last CES keynote. Now the Consumer Electronics Association has announced his successor: Qualcomm’s chairman and chief executive Dr. Paul Jacobs. And it has confirmed that Microsoft will have a dramatically reduced role at the show.

10 disruptive individuals who are reshaping the mobile industry

The mobile industry is at an exciting stage: There are enough smartphone customers that there’s a huge field of opportunity for device makers, carriers, and app makers, but the market is still fragmented enough that no one company dominates. In this kind of frothy market, the risks are high, but the potential payoffs are huge, too.

Qualcomm CEO touts the ever-expanding mobile world

People check their cell phones about 150 times a day, or about once every 6.5 minutes. Paul Jacobs, chief executive of wireless chip maker Qualcomm, says he’s OK with that. After all, Qualcomm has 22,000 employees working on chips that make that possible.