From P2P to B2B: The next phase of the sharing economy

In the wake of Uber and Airbnb’s rapid growth and billion dollar valuations, everyone is talking about the sharing economy. Sharing marketplaces are experiencing tremendous growth, and today anyone who can rent out a room in their home, share their car, or even leverage their free time running errands can become a micro-entrepreneur.

The Pirate Bay gets the boot from Sweden — now hosted in Norway & Spain

The Pirate Bay will now get its connection to the Internet from two newly formed sister organizations to the Swedish group: the Norwegian Pirate Party and the Catalonian Pirate Party (in Spain). The two-headed nature of the hosting situation has even given rise to a new metaphor and moniker for the site: The Hydra Bay.

Chris Larsen Prosper

Prosper takes on Wall Street, hopes to rewire banking

Peer-to-peer lending startup Prosper makes no secret of its support for the Occupy Wall Street movement, which seeks to break the hold of banks on the American political process. Prosper wants to do a similar thing, by creating a sort of bank that is owned by and run for the people.

Feds want to expand wiretapping to include mobile email and social networks

Federal law enforcement and national security officials want to hunt down criminals and terrorists in the places where they have fled in order to escape telephone wiretapping. And that’s why the authorities want to be able to wiretap services such as BlackBerry emails, social networks such as Facebook, and peer-to-peer messaging services such as Skype.