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No data, no personalization

Combining personal context with the sensor-driven device information could help a phone anticipate your requirements, surface interesting stuff, and maybe even filter the signal from the noise in your information stream.

Former MySpace execs launch Gravity to personalize the Web

A team of former MySpace executives is launching a new company on-stage at the Web 2.0 Summit today in San Francisco. Chief executive Amit Kapur said he left MySpace, the troubled News Corp. Internet portal, because his new company Gravity presents an even bigger opportunity: Basically, it uses your interests to help you find relevant content.

How Hunch’s CEO just slapped a “For Sale” sign on his company

We haven’t heard much about Hunch, the once-buzzy recommendations site based in New York — and what we’ve heard hasn’t been good. So it was interesting to read CEO Chris Dixon’s response to an anonymous questioner who asked why Hunch was building a general recommendations platform instead of focusing on solving one specific problem.

A new Hunch points to the money with behavioral targeting

Hunch, the “decision engine” startup cofounded by Chris Dixon (pictured) and Flickr’s Caterina Fake, today announced it has refined its homepage and service to include users’ personalized recommendations front and center.