The DeanBeat: GamesBeat 2012 to focus on crossover strategies

GamesBeat 2012 is going to be all about crossover strategies. The game industry as we know it is changing. We’re seeing established companies cross over from one market to another, where once they faced barriers. As companies adapt to change, we are witnessing disruption, change, consolidation, innovation, and the arrival of big money. We’re talking billions of dollars that are at stake. raises investment from YouWeb and BBC Worldwide has been trying for years to create a solid cross-platform mobile game development technology that enables a game to be written once and run on the web, iOS, Android, and Smart TVs. Now it is getting a lot more support for that task via an investment from business incubator YouWeb and BBC Worldwide.

Peter Relan on how to get two iPhone games into the top 25

Peter Relan wants to build a mobile gaming empire, one app at a time. The chief executive of CrowdStar and chairman of game incubator YouWeb has pivoted from Facebook games to mobile games in a big way. His company formed a mobile game studio and has focused so far on making games for girls and young female teens.