The DeanBeat: GamesBeat 2012 to focus on crossover strategies

GamesBeat 2012 is going to be all about crossover strategies. The game industry as we know it is changing. We’re seeing established companies cross over from one market to another, where once they faced barriers. As companies adapt to change, we are witnessing disruption, change, consolidation, innovation, and the arrival of big money. We’re talking billions of dollars that are at stake.

The DeanBeat: GamesBeat 2012 in July will focus on disruption, change, and innovation

We’ve unveiled our first speakers and other details for our fourth annual game conference, GamesBeat 2012. Our roster of speakers includes Will Wright, creator of blockbuster video games from Sim City to The Sims and Spore. Wright is now the founder of transmedia think tank called Stupid Fun Club. His next big project is based on what he calls “personal gaming,” where a game can be customized to the tastes and habits of an individual player.


Angry Birds turns two this weekend. Rovio celebrates in style.

The smash hit mobile game Angry Birds turns two on Dec. 11, having been downloaded over half a billion times since launch. To celebrate the occasion, Rovio is offering up new levels, menus and special ‘birdday’ achievements, which will be made available in an iOS update.

Talking Tom 2 sees himself on screen

Outfit7 signs with WME to develop film, TV and book brands

After almost a year since the birth of Talking Tom in July 2010, the Outfit7 Talking Friends are ready to graduate from their smart phones and head for bigger screens. The company has signed with Ari Emanuel, co-chief executive of talent agency William Morris Entertainment. WME will help the brand extend into books, movies and television.