The apocalypse is upon us: Walgreens has an API and SDK

Walgreens — yes Walgreens — has released an application programming interface (API) and a software development kit (SDK) to allow mobile developers to enable photo printing from Android and iPhone smartphones. The company has opened a developer portal (and a new Twitter account) to support mobile programmers who are enabling photo printing to 7,907 Walgreens locations across the country.

Cloth app

Cloth catalogs your closet, tells you what to wear when it’s raining

Fashion-forward types seem infatuated with photographing their outfits. You can scoff at the practice all you want, but the overwhelming number of fashion blogs tells us that sharing outfits is popular, especially in a world with Instagram. Cloth, an iOS app available since last December, goes a step further and catalogs your entire closet based on outfit pictures. Today, it adds weather-tracking features and photo filters to its app.

Flickr releases new “liquid” layout featuring hi-res images

Yahoo’s Flickr photo-sharing community has been in makeover mode of late and is getting incrementally better with subtle upgrades. Tuesday, Flickr released a reworked photo page layout with a new look that’s nearly impossible to miss — especially on large displays.

Gauge your personality by looking at pretty pictures

Tidepool has raised a $1.5 million seed round to determine personality traits from photos. You take an assessment on the company’s website, which involves rating photos to your liking and indicating what activities interest you. Once the assessment is complete Tidepool tells you what type of personality you have. The company claims its test is more accurate than ones that only use text.

Facebook photos go high resolution and full screen

Facebook is continuing its quest to appeal to photographers with a couple of new improvements to its photo-viewing features. You can now enjoy your photos in glorious full-screen mode, and Facebook automatically shows the high-resolution version of your image.

The HTC One will be your mobile photo savior

Just how much does your smartphone’s camera matter to you? With its latest flagship Android line, dubbed HTC One, the Taiwanese phone manufacturer HTC is hoping that a killer camera is just enough to sway you over to its phones.


Send your lover a digital Valentine with Lovestagram

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, and if you’re looking for a cute and Earth-saving way to show your special someone how much you care, we’ve got you covered*. Kaitlyn Trigger, girlfriend of Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger, created Lovestagram, a simple Valentine creator that uses your Instagram photos.

Facebook lightbox 7

Facebook woos photographers with new lightbox viewer, launching end of week

Facebook is rolling out its new lightbox photo viewer feature to all 840 million users by the end of this week, a spokesperson for the company has confirmed to VentureBeat. The new display helps make photos more attractive by showing them larger, moving comments off to the side, and graying out the background to minimize distraction.

Instagram now flooding Facebook with 6 photos per second

A fun little iPhone application for sharing stylized mobile captures ballooned into a social network of significance in 2011. Today, the app’s insta-photo-sharing effects are felt with increasing force on Facebook and the rest of the web.