big data

How ready are you for big data?

Big data has been the subject of a lot of hype lately. But that doesn’t mean it’s a fad; this movement is certainly here to stay. It is essentially the business of how we deal with the volume, variety, and velocity of data that is continuously accumulating around us. The idea is that we can learn quite a bit more about ourselves (both as consumers and enterprises) by sifting through all of the data that surrounds us. We’re now entering the formative years of Big Data being the fifth technology wave (mainframes, PCs, Internet, and social media being the previous four). And just as with every wave before it, your business is going to have to figure out the fundamental opportunities and challenges before you can make Big Data work for you:

Code 42 Software raises $52.5M to raise profile for online backup

Code 42 Software has been growing quietly in the background, providing online backup for consumers and enterprises. But after a decade of growth, it’s ready to raise its sales and marketing profile. So the company is announcing today it has raised $52.5 million from Accel Partners and Split Rock Partners.