Steve Wozniak gives thumbs up to Steve Jobs' new Ping social network (video)

Steve Jobs has rarely acknowledged Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak in public in recent years. So it was a surprise when Jobs called out his “partner in crime” Tuesday at the launch of Apple’s latest music products. Wozniak, commonly known as Woz, stood up and took the applause. Afterward, reporters grabbed him for his reaction. Here’s a short video of Woz’s take on the announcements such as Apple’s Ping social networking service.

Apple's iTunes-only Ping socializes your music with elements of Facebook (video demo)

As part of version 10 of iTunes, Apple announced its Ping social network for music fans. The new social network lets you publicly announce the music that you like. You can share it with your friends and make Twitter-like comments on it in real-time. You can follow your friends and your favorite artists as well. And those celebrity artists can create their own Ping fan pages where they can communicate and hold conversations with fans.