Avoid these 3 big pitch fails

Ever had that one awful pitch you walked out from feeling completely deflated? Avoid the three most common dreaded mistakes.


VC perspective: The 3 things I want to hear first in a pitch

As a Venture Partner at XSeed Capital, sitting on the other side of the table from bright entrepreneurs with really intriguing ideas is a lot of fun for me. But, I’ve also been the one raising rounds for my startups. Here are some tips that have become a lot more obvious and important to me, now that I’ve seen hundreds of presentations:

Before you try improvising your VC pitch, read this

While there is a sexiness and aura of confidence in “flying without a net,” be sure you clearly answer the usual questions. You can have a deck as backup, but be very careful that you don’t meander and don’t efficiently give essential information around your firm’s opportunity.