How home automation could save cable companies

Cable companies such as Comcast and Cox need to take a good look at their technology as streaming services Netflix and Hulu take away their profits. In order to avoid becoming obsolete, it makes sense for cable companies to recycle their infrastructure into home automation.

Weekend warriors discover the pivot

Sometimes, you learn that your company needs to pivot not by looking at the books, but by listening to your customer. Bill Gross, founder of Idealab, tells in this Entrepreneur Thought Leader Lecture, given at Stanford University, how he learned this lesson.

Nyoombl pivots from video chat to broadcasting

Nyoombl, which launched at the Spring 2010 DEMO conference, is making a pivot. Founded by Oladayo Olagunju to be the first company to offer a dead-simple solution for video conferencing on your television, the company is now moving to become a broadcasting service that will allow users to bring their conversations to the rest of the web.

Jason Calacanis: Sometimes you have to redefine your business to survive

Entrepreneur, blogger Jason Calacanis says entrepreneurs have to learn to pivot from one business to another when one plan isn’t working. Speaking at the Digital Life Design conference in Muich today, Calacanis said that he had to do just that with his current company, Mahalo.

5 harsh realities of being an entrepreneur

(Editor’s note: Jason L. Baptiste is the CEO and co-founder of PadPressed and co-author of the OnStartups blog. This story originally appeared at that site.)