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Social networking will win the console wars

Integration of social tools, and fostering online community may be the most influential factors in which of the two consoles take the superior position in terms of market share and consumer loyalty in the eighth generation console war.

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Did Sony shut down PSN to prevent “extreme” piracy?

Sony shut down its Playstation Network after a new custom firmware version for the console let users download games and content with a fake credit card number, according to a moderator from Playstation fan-site PSX-Scene.

Sony’s PlayStation Network suffers big outage

The good news is that Sony has more than 70 million registered users for its PlayStation Network online service for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. The bad news is that they’re all angry because Sony suffered an outage today.

Sony touts its PlayStation Network, 70M and counting

An executive at Japanese entertainment conglomerate Sony said its PlayStation Network online service has more than 70 million users now, 70 percent of whom connect to it every week.

Sony’s Home virtual world hits 17M users and finds a business model in virtual goods

Two years after its debut, Sony’s Home online virtual world for PlayStation gamers has hit 17 million users worldwide. The virtual community has now grown into a gathering place where gamers can play hundreds of games, attend droves of events, and buy lots of virtual goods. The multi-year effort is becoming Sony’s big play in the digital online marketplace for video game fans.