Top gaming technologies of 2012

This year saw the continued evolution of three consumer technologies — autostereoscopy, touch sensing, and motion sense – with direct application in the gaming world.

Killzone 3 with Move controller: a novel but not brilliant gaming experience

Sony’s newly launched Killzone 3 video game for the PlayStation 3 promised to be a big step up in first-person shooting sci-fi combat. You can play the game in stereoscopic 3D and use the PlayStation Move motion-sensing controller for more immersive realism. But while those elements make the game experience innovative, they don’t make up for shortcomings elsewhere.

Microsoft turns bullish on sales of its Kinect game controller

Microsoft’s XBox 360 finally claimed the top sales spot for August, and now the company has high hopes for its Kinect motion-sensing controller for the console. It’s estimating it will sell 3 million Kinect controllers by the end of this year.