Updated: U.S. defense supplier Lockheed Martin hit by cyber attack

An unknown cyber incident hit Lockheed Martin — the world’s largest aerospace manufacturer and the top supplier to the Pentagon — sometime last week but was successfully neutralized by the company, the defense contractor said.

Microsoft applies lessons from PlayStation Network downtime: don’t hunt hackers

Microsoft has chosen to “nurture” the talents of a 14-year-old boy who attempted to hack into the company’s online gaming network, Xbox Live, rather than slap the kid with lawsuits. The lawsuit approach to hackers is presumed to have led to Sony’s online game network being crippled for nearly a month.

PlayStation Network back online in Asia tomorrow

After a staggeringly long down time, gamers in Asia will finally be able to access Sony’s PlayStation Network again, according to CNET. Starting tomorrow, users in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand, along with other countries, will be able to use the PSN and Sony’s Qriocity services again.

Just how frustrated are PlayStation Network users over downtime?

Sony brought its online gaming network, the PlayStation Network (PSN), offline today — though this time it was just for some scheduled maintenance. But the downtime was a frustrating reminder for many PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable owners, as well as developers, over how the company handled the PSN’s downtime.

Sony’s PlayStation Network outage costs $171M

Sony said that the cost of the PlayStation Network’s almost month-long outage after being attacked by hackers will be around 14 billion yen, or $171 million.

PlayStation Store to return May 24 now that PlayStation Network is back online

Last month — on April 19, to be exact — I discovered that one of my all-time favorite PlayStation games, Xenogears, had come to the PlayStation Store while I wasn’t looking. I was ecstatic and quickly rushed to my PlayStation Portable to download it. And then the PlayStation Network (PSN) — including the PlayStation Store — went down for nearly a month.

Japan demands Sony prove PlayStation Network is safe before restart

Service for Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) is finally being restored in the US and across the globe after a long outage, but the company’s home country of Japan still hasn’t approved the restart of the service, according to a report by the Dow Jones Newswires.

Sony tries to reassure game makers about PlayStation Network

Sony knows that the 100 million members of its PlayStation Network, Qriocity, and Sony Online Entertainment services aren’t making any online purchases now, as the networks are still down after more than three weeks following a hacker attack. And it knows that its game developers and publishers aren’t happy about that.

Restoring PlayStation Network taking Sony longer than it thought

Sony’s restoration of its PlayStation Network online game service is taking longer than it thought. The company had hoped to have the system up this week, but that looks like it isn’t going to happen, according to a new blog post.

Hackers plotting third attack against Sony after Playstation Network outage

The hackers that cracked into Sony’s online gaming network, the Playstation Network (PSN), are plotting another attack against the gaming giant this weekend and plan to publicize information stolen from PSN users, said a reader who viewed the hackers’ online discussions.

Sony chief Howard Stringer apologizes to gamers for PSN outage

Saying, “I know this has been a frustrating time for all of you,” Sony chief executive Howard Stringer apologized tonight for the outage and identity theft as a result of a hacker attack that brought down the PlayStation Network for more than two weeks.

Anonymous denies involvement in PSN outage

Hacktivism group Anonymous, which routinely attacks major corporations and takes up political causes, said today it is not responsible for the theft of sensitive information and credit card data from Sony’s Playstation Network (PSN) online gaming network.

Sony blames hacktivist group Anonymous for Playstation Network intrusion

File this one under “things not to do when dealing with massive network outages.” Sony has kicked the hornet’s nest today by blaming Anonymous, a massive network of hackers that regularly takes up activist causes, for indirectly causing a breach of security in its PlayStation Network (PSN) online gaming network that led to the attack that brought PSN down.

Sony complies with Congress request, but won’t testify yet on PlayStation Network outage

Sony told a subcommittee of the House of Representatives that it would comply with its request for answers about the outage of the PlayStation Network that resulted in the possible loss of user identity data and credit card numbers. But the Japanese company said it could not yet appear in front of the subcommittee to answer questions in person.

Sony says 10M credit card numbers may have been stolen

Sony executive Kaz Hirai said tonight that the number of exposed credit card numbers in the PlayStation Network hacker attack was about 10 million. But the Japanese company still does not know if those card numbers were actually stolen and if hackers are trying to use them in fraudulent purchases.

What Sony does next is critical to its future in games

Gamers are slow to forgive. Many own a PlayStation 3 today because they were angry at Microsoft for letting them down when the Xbox 360 suffered from a huge number of breakdowns due to a manufacturing flaw that led to overheating.